Spring has sprung – but not my tomatoes!!

As I write this on the last Monday in October, already two months into Spring I wonder where this year has gone. 

The sun is streaming through the shop window, birds are singing, the streets are bustling with locals and visitors. Two weeks ago, it was blowing a snow blizzard, and all my tomato plants were decimated! That will teach me for planting seedlings before Labour Day! Although I can’t help but love a snow day. 

Spring is a time of opportunity for me, a time of fresh smells, new growth, hopefulness and wonder.  New lambs, sweet smelling bulbs and fluffy ducklings. The last quarter of the year is a time to reflect on the present, scheme new schemes, sow seeds as it were – but not before labour day!  Taking stock of how things are going reminds me to keep the concept and essence of the shop alive. We walk a fine line between being a curated gallery of curiosities, and just another gift shop. I have learnt to have a thick skin when it comes to company reps and people peddling their wares. It’s really important to me to source unique products and one of a kind items. Although I hate to say no to people, it’s the careful selection of treasures to present to you, my dear customers that is most important.

One thing that helps remind me of the essence of this space, is our beautiful logo design and animation on our website. This was created by Queenstown local branding and marketing company Whitelaw Mitchell, which is made up of two very talented ladies, Kim and Maranda. The design is based on the unique ‘fingerprint ‘ of nature….a spiderweb, the rings of a tree, the veins of a leaf, birds nests and snowflakes. Each one, distinctly different. 

Don’t forget to check out all our wonderful new products, we have so many new books, jewels and beautiful objects in general. On this note, I would like to offer you all 20% of ANY purchase in store for the whole month of November – an early Christmas present to all you wonderful people. Just use the code 20%2022 – you can only use the code once so choose wisely!! xx