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Moulin Roti – Storybook Torch


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Three stories come to life by torch-light, using your own imagination. Utterly magic for little ones! 

There are three stories, each with eight images: 'Far away', 'In the forest' and 'Under the sea'. They're great for sparking imagination: adults or kids can tell the stories using the pictures as a guide. The set also includes three charming mini books illustrated with different animals so children can learn to identify them.

This lamp is easy to use: insert a disc into the torch, switch on the torch and project the images onto a wall or ceiling. With your finger, turn the disc to make the images appear one by one while telling your child the story. As your toddler grows, he/she will be able to tell the story while stimulating his/her imagination.

Jardin du Moulin is one of the unique collections of Moulin Roty and encourages your child to discover nature. Beautiful watercolor drawings bring every item in this collection to life. Make your child a mini-gardener, small world explorer and adorable botanist who want to discover birds, plants, flowers and animals and all the wonders of nature!

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