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Mini Monstera


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Mini Monstera - Rhaphidophora tetrasperma This vine is so playful and versatile. It will grow where you train it to go, and is easily multiplied by taking cuttings as well. The more, the merrier! Keep it small and bushy, or tall and trim. Perfect for any space, big or small. Prefers to be trained on or around something so keep this in mind, as it grows fast. Keep out of direct sunlight. Plant care doesn’t have to be a mystery….most plants come from sub-tropical places, so ensuring your plant never dries out is very important. Watering every 4-5 days is optimal (but does depend on the temperature of it’s environment – over watering makes for sad plants too!) and fertilise with liquid fertiliser every 2-3 months. If you really love your plant (and want it to love you back) mist its leaves every few days too. ooooo……and maybe a little opera!

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