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USK Hand Forged Steak Knives with Antler Handles


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Ultimate Steak Knive Company's beautiful signature range. Hand forged Damascus Steel, antler handled steak knives. You'll never eat steak the same again!

The Signature range are the best and finest knife money can buy. Signature range knives have stunning hand hammered Damascus blades and antler handles. The cutting edge is Japanese super steel VG-10 and is wrapped in 66 layers (33 on each side) of 18/10 and 18/0 stainless steel. The VG-10 edge means the knife stays sharp longer. Stainless steel Damascus cladding strengthens the cutting edge and prevents chips and discolouration. Blades have been hand-hammered dimples and scallops have been cut out of the blade. These create air pockets which prevent things from sticking to the blade making your cutting even easier.  

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