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Fergus McHare


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Fergus McHare is out for a hunt on the Scottish Highlands. Impeccably dressed in hunting attire made from vintage material and carrying a double barrel shotgun. A true Gentleman - in his pocket is a silk hankerchief and a poem to read. 

Sourced and created on the Banks Peninsula, by artist Kimberly Dodd - aka Secret Squirrel.  Working in picturesque Wainui she musters up little furry friends in perfect little outfits made from her Grandmother's collection of material and lace. 

Materials: Alum Salt preserved hare skin, acrylic eyes, wire frame, polystyrene, masking tape, fabric clothing, wwood and metal shotgun. Wooden plinth, beeswax and olive oil polish and copper plate. 

830mm x 260mm

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